Cookie Policy

To give our visitors a good experience on our website, we can use cookies. Cookies can be used to give you access to various functions and thus optimize your use of our website. For further information about our processing of personal data through cookies, please see our integrity policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that the website you visit may save on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and  collects information about such as IP numbers and your choices and activities on our website. Any settings you make for the website is saved for your next visit. Cookies are also used to keep statistics and measure the traffic to the website.
This means that in the future we can develop and improve our service and our services.

If you want more information about cookies or the Electronic Communications Act, you can visit the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s website here.

How long is the information collected stored?

How long the information is stored depends on the type of cookies that are in your browser. There are two types of cookies, permanent cookies and session cookies. We use both permanent cookies and session cookies on our website. Permanent cookies are stored until the expiration date passes and you return to our website or until you delete them. 
Session cookies are only temporarily stored on your computer while you are on our website. When you close your browser, any session cookies disappear. Below you will find specific information

First-party and third-party cookies

On our website, we use both first-party cookies and third-party cookies. Cookies that we place on our website are called first-party cookies. We also use cookies from Google Analytics, which are so-called third-party cookies. Google Analytics collects information about how visitors can use the website and how long visitors can have on the website. No additional information that can identify visitors is passed on to third parties. Information submitted to Google Analytics may be stored on Google’s servers in the United States. To prevent cookies from being collected via Google Analytics, it is possible to install Google’s own tools Google Analytics Opt-Out in your browser, read more about this. The extension is available for the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera browsers.

Cookies used at ChloraSolv Academy:

NameType, information collected and cookie functionThinning timeDisclosure of information to third parties 
moove_gdpr_popupAn “ok” from the user that they approved the use of cookies on cholrasolvacademy.se30 days 
_gaGoogle Analytics. Used to distinguish users2 yearsGoogle gets access to the information that the cookie has collected. 
pll_languagePolylang. Used to save the visitor’s language selection.1 year 

Processing of personal data

Collection via cookies is seen as a processing of personal data. For more information regarding cookies and personal data processing, see our privacy policy.