General Privacy Policy for RLS Global

RLS Global protects the individual’s personal privacy and places value on the individual’s personal data being processed in a secure and correct manner than meets the requirements for personal data processing in accordance with the applicable legislation. RLS Global’s intension with this privacy policy is to inform those affected about how RLS Global processes their personal data. In the event that you have to provide RLS Global with personal data, we encourage you to read this privacy policy first.

The privacy policy has been drawn up in order to make those who have a relationship with RLS Global well aware of how RLS Global processes personal data. Individuals who have a relationship with RLS Global include, but are not limited to, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. RLS Global’s privacy policy regulates how personal data is processed in its business.

RLS Global only processes those personal data concerning you that RLS Global has a legal basis for storing. This data may include potentially sensitive information and personal identity numbers. The personal data will be removed as soon as the personal data become obsolete and the purpose for the processing has ceased. In order to prevent any personal data incidents, or to reduce in some other way the risk of personal data going missing, RLS Global has put in place suitable technical and organizational security measures.

RLS Global may in future disclose personal data to the person in question, companies that RLS Global has a business relationship with and third parties. In some cases, RLS Global may disclose personal data to a party that is outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the personal data may therefore be processed outside of the EEA. RLS Global will only share personal data with companies in a third country that have an adequate level of security.

As a person who has or may have their personal data processed, you always have the right to obtain free of charge, upon submitting a written request to RLS Global, information concerning which of your personal data RLS Global is processing and what the purpose of this processing is. You can also request that RLS Global delete or correct personal data about you that RLS Global is processing. Furthermore, you have the right to request that your data is not processed for the purpose of direct marketing. You also have the right to obtain your data in a format that can be machine read (or, if technically possible, have the data transferred to a third party specified by you). If you are unhappy with the processing, you can submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. In Sweden this is the Swedish Data Protection Authority (

The personal data controller is RLS Global, 556726-3495, Neongatan 5, 43153, Mölndal. This entails a responsibility for the processing that takes place regarding personal data. If you have any questions or opinions regarding the privacy policy or about our personal data processing as a whole, please contact us at